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Table 2 Significantly differentially expressed genes between RP and GP longan

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes implicated in peel color (red and green) of Dimocarpus confinis

Gene_id FDR Gene_name_1 log2FC(RP_vs_GP)
comp72873_c0 7.99E−03 CYP75A1 −7.3142
comp12349_c0 1.08E−39 DFR −6.4108
comp20174_c0 3.12E−03 CYP75A6 −3.6151
comp31601_c0 1.15E−08 CYP75A1 −3.4039
comp25528_c0 3.21E−18 RhGT1 −2.9167
comp23727_c0 5.76E−04 5MAT1 −2.1086
comp28138_c0 3.04E−13 SUC1 −1.9628
comp33644_c1 1.28E−17 CYP75A7 −1.8656
comp33644_c0 1.11E−15 CYP75A1 −1.8615
comp36598_c0 2.06E−39 CYP75A6 −1.6417
comp28010_c0 3.81E−06 CYP75A6 −1.6095
comp12187_c0 2.50E−04 GT5 −1.5025
comp26265_c0 5.23E−05 protein: Naringenin, 2-oxoglutarate 3-dioxygenase (F3H) query_name: FL3H_MALDO −1.4831
comp34697_c0 6.17E−03 protein:Anthocyanin 3′-O-beta-glucosyltransferase (3′GT) query_name: ANGT_GENTR −1.3784
comp32613_c0 9.62E−29 CYP75A2 −1.3476
comp29846_c0 3.94E−04 CYP75A7 1.1538
comp34207_c0 2.55E−09 CYP75A3 1.2766
comp29890_c0 1.81E−12 CHI1 1.4885
comp38510_c0 1.88E−05 CURL3 1.6442
comp13425_c0 1.43E−02 ANS 1.6521
comp32817_c0 4.50E−03 ANS 1.7905
comp23348_c0 2.34E−04 ANS 1.8615
comp32978_c0 1.59E−83 TBA 2.0535
comp30021_c0 1.72E−03 5MAT1 2.3048
comp14493_c0 1.94E−06 LAX3 2.3793
comp12768_c0 3.95E−99 UGT84A2 2.6419
comp41364_c0 9.20E−04 RT 2.6585
comp33129_c0 8.11E−06 C2 2.7134
comp34926_c0 4.98E−102 CYP75A2 2.7751
comp12129_c0 8.67E−05 FGT 2.8528
comp12185_c0 6.35E−04 C1 2.9949
comp13215_c0 2.05E−14 C1 5.2789