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Fig. 6

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes implicated in peel color (red and green) of Dimocarpus confinis

Fig. 6

Distributions of gene expression value and volcano plots for the DEGs. a RPKM density distributions of all D. longan unigenes in the green- and red-peel fruit group. The x-axis denote log10 (RPKM) value, and the y-axis denote the density of corresponding log10 (RPKM) value. The red curve denote GP fruit (GP_fruit) group, and the green denote RP fruit (RP_fruit) group. b Box plot of the log RPKM expression values in both groups. c The x-axis describes the fold change in expression levels between two groups. The y-axis shows the statistical significance expressed as −log10 (adjusted p value) from the comparison. Genes with log2 (fold change) > 1 and with −log10 (adjusted p value) >2.3, which is the equivalent of FDR adjusted p value <0.005, were defined as differentially expressed genes (DEGs). The red points denote up regulated DEGs and the green points denote down regulated DEGs

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