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Fig. 1

From: Brief report of the construction of infectious DNA clones of South African genetic variants of grapevine virus A and grapevine virus B

Fig. 1

Phylogenetic tree constructed using full genome sequences of various genetic variants GVA and GVB deposited in the GenBank/EMBL database, illustrating the position of the GVA P163-M5 and GVB 953-1 (arrows) used in this study. The virus variants, from which biologically active DNA copies were constructed, are boxed. The phylogenetic tree was constructed with the neighbor-joining method (Saitou and Nei 1987) based on evolutionary distances calculated according to the method of Kimura (1980) using MEGA version 4 (Tamura et al. 2007). A bootstrap analysis of data, based on 1000 permutations, was used to assess the statistical confidence of the topology of the tree. The following full genome GenBank/EMBL sequence data was used: GVA isolates 151 (NC003604), I327-5 (KC962564), GTG11-1 (DQ855084), PA3 (AF007515), GTR1-2 (DQ855086), KWVMo4-1 (DQ855083), GTR1SD-1 (DQ855081), BMo32-1 (DQ855087), GTR1-1 (DQ787959) and P163-1 (DQ855088), and GVB isolates Italy (NC003602), 94/971 (EF583906), H1 (GU733707), 3138-01 (JX13897) and QMWH (KF700375)

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