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Table 3 Carrier molecules of the Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen (TF, CD176)

From: What makes cancer stem cell markers different?

Marker General description/expression on normal stem cells Expression on cancer stem cells TF-carrying CSC marker (source)
CD34 Transmembrane protein 105-120 kDa Adhesion protein Immature hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, endothelial progenitor cells2 Leukemias, sarcomas2 AML cell line KG-1 (1)
CD44 Hyaluronan receptor, H-CAM, epican, phagocytic glycoprotein-1 80-95 kDa Adhesion protein, binds hyaluronic acid Hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells2 Cancer of colon, breast, ovary, lung, liver, stomach, etc.2 Colon cancer cell line HT29 (2), lung, breast, and liver cancer (3) Carries also Lewis Y (4)
CD45 Leucocyte common antigen (LCA) 180-240 kDa Hematopoietic stem cells (7) Glioblastomas (5) Acute T cell leukemia cell line Jurkat (6)
CD164 MGC-24, endolyn 80 kDa Mucin-like glycoprotein Hematopoietic progenitor cells (10) Gastric and prostate cancer (8, 9) Gastric cancer cell line KATO-III (8)
CD227 Mucin-1, MUC1, EMA, PEM >200 kDa Heavily glycosylated mucin MUC1-C interacts with regulatory pathways Hematopoietic progenitor cells (13) Breast cancer (MCF7) side population (12), gastric cancer, AML (13), multiple myelomas (14) Breast cancer (11); gastric cancer cell line KATO-III (8)
MAGP1 Membrane glycoproteins from human melanoma cell lines 140 kDa (MAGP1), 110 kDa (MAGP2) Highly metastatic melanoma cell lines (15) Highly metastatic cell lines (e.g. T1C3) derived from M4Be (15)
  1. Abbreviations: AML acute myelogenous leukemia, CSC cancer stem cell, MUC1-C cytoplasmic domain of MUC1.
  2. 1Not identical with microfibril-associated glycoproteins, also abbreviated MAGP (16).
  3. 2References see Table 1.
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