Mathematics (Theoretical)

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  1. Research

    Topological properties of some sequences defined over 2-normed spaces

    The paper investigates some classes of real number sequences over 2-normed spaces defined by means of Orlicz functions, a bounded sequence of strictly positive real numbers, a multiplier and a normal paranorme...

    Hemen Dutta, Adem Kilicman and Omer Altun

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1974

    Published on: 14 November 2016

  2. Research

    Blocks in cycles and k-commuting permutations

    We introduce and study k-commuting permutations. One of our main results is a characterization of permutations that k-commute with a given permutation. Using this characterization, we obtain formulas for the numb...

    Rutilo Moreno and Luis Manuel Rivera

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1949

    Published on: 10 November 2016

  3. Research

    Infinite order decompositions of C*-algebras

    The present paper is devoted to infinite order decompositions of C*-algebras. It is proved that an infinite order decomposition (IOD) of a C*-algebra forms the complexification of an order unit space, and, if ...

    Arzikulov Farhodjon Nematjonovich

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1827

    Published on: 21 October 2016

  4. Research

    Several types of groupoids induced by two-variable functions

    In this paper, we introduce the concept of several types of groupoids related to semigroups, viz., twisted semigroups for which twisted versions of the associative law hold. Thus, if ...

    P. J. Allen, Hee Sik Kim and J. Neggers

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1715

    Published on: 4 October 2016

  5. Research

    Analytic real algebras

    In this paper we construct some real algebras by using elementary functions, and discuss some relations between several axioms and its related conditions for such functions. We obtain some conditions for real-...

    Young Joo Seo and Young Hee Kim

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1684

    Published on: 29 September 2016

  6. Research

    On the embedding of convex spaces in stratified L-convex spaces

    Consider L being a continuous lattice, two functors from the category of convex spaces (denoted by CS) to the category of stratified L-convex spaces (denoted by SL-CS) are defined. The first functor enables us to...

    Qiu Jin and Lingqiang Li

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1610

    Published on: 20 September 2016

  7. Research

    Solvability of a boundary value problem at resonance

    This paper concerns the solvability of a nonlinear fractional boundary value problem at resonance. By using fixed point theorems we prove that the perturbed problem has a solution, then by some ideas from anal...

    A. Guezane-Lakoud, R. Khaldi and A. Kılıçman

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1504

    Published on: 7 September 2016

  8. Research

    On m-polar fuzzy graph structures

    Sometimes information in a network model is based on multi-agent, multi-attribute, multi-object, multi-polar information or uncertainty rather than a single bit. An m-polar fuzzy model is useful for such network...

    Muhammad Akram, Rabia Akmal and Noura Alshehri

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1448

    Published on: 30 August 2016

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