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  1. Research

    Pressure drop of two-phase helium along long cryogenic flexible transfer lines to support a superconducting RF operation at its cryogenic test stand

    Establishing a stand-alone cryogenic test stand is of vital importance to ensure the highly reliable and available operation of superconducting radio-frequency module in a synchrotron light source. Operating a...

    M. H. Chang, M. H. Tsai, Ch. Wang, M. C. Lin, F. T. Chung, M. S. Yeh, L. H. Chang, C. H. Lo, T. C. Yu, L. J. Chen and Z. K. Liu

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2077

    Published on: 5 December 2016

  2. Research

    Memetic computing through bio-inspired heuristics integration with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear systems arising in different physical models

    In this study, bio-inspired computing is exploited for solving system of nonlinear equations using variants of genetic algorithms (GAs) as a tool for global search method hybrid with sequential quadratic progr...

    Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja, Adiqa Kausar Kiani, Azam Shehzad and Aneela Zameer

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2063

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  3. Research

    Thermal–hydraulic analysis of the coil test facility for CFETR

    Performance test of the China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor (CFETR) central solenoid (CS) and toroidal field (TF) insert coils is of great importance to evaluate the CFETR magnet performance in relevant oper...

    Yong Ren, Xiaogang Liu, Junjun Li, Zhaoliang Wang, Lilong Qiu, Shijun Du, Guoqiang Li and Xiang Gao

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2052

    Published on: 1 December 2016

  4. Research

    Robust image hashing using ring partition-PGNMF and local features

    Image authentication is one of the challenging research areas in the multimedia technology due to the availability of image editing tools. Image hash may be used for image authentication which should be invari...

    Ram Kumar Karsh, R. H. Laskar and Bhanu Bhai Richhariya

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1995

    Published on: 21 November 2016

  5. Research

    Reliability of digital reactor protection system based on extenics

    After the Fukushima nuclear accident, safety of nuclear power plants (NPPs) is widespread concerned. The reliability of reactor protection system (RPS) is directly related to the safety of NPPs, however, it is...

    Jing Zhao, Ya-Nan He, Peng-Fei Gu, Wei-Hua Chen and Feng Gao

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1953

    Published on: 10 November 2016

  6. Research

    Intuitionistic fuzzy-based model for failure detection

    In identifying to-be-improved product component(s), the customer/user requirements which are mainly considered, and achieved through customer surveys using the quality function deployment (QFD) tool, often fai...

    Daniel O. Aikhuele and Faiz B. M. Turan

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1938

    Published on: 9 November 2016

  7. Research

    The computation of confidence intervals for the state parameters of power systems

    In the past few decades, a significant volume of work has been carried out on various aspects of the state estimation problem to estimate an optimum state vector of the power system. This problem has been focu...

    Zahid Khan, Radzuan Bin Razali, Hanita Daud, Nursyarizal Mohd Nor, Mahmud Fotuhi-Firuzabad and Katrina Lane Krebs

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1943

    Published on: 9 November 2016

  8. Research

    Research on the water-entry attitude of a submersible aircraft

    The water entry of a submersible aircraft, which is transient, highly coupled, and nonlinear, is complicated. After analyzing the mechanics of this process, the change rate of every variable is considered. A d...

    BaoWei Xu, YongLi Li, JinFu Feng, JunHua Hu, Duo Qi and Jian Yang

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1933

    Published on: 8 November 2016

  9. Review

    Review of visual odometry: types, approaches, challenges, and applications

    Accurate localization of a vehicle is a fundamental challenge and one of the most important tasks of mobile robots. For autonomous navigation, motion tracking, and obstacle detection and avoidance, a robot mus...

    Mohammad O. A. Aqel, Mohammad H. Marhaban, M. Iqbal Saripan and Napsiah Bt. Ismail

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1897

    Published on: 28 October 2016

  10. Research

    Leakage diffusion of underwater crude oil in wind fields

    Leakage of underwater crude oil pipes causes severe pollution to soil and water, and results in great economic loss. To predict the diffusion area of spilled oil before it reaches the water’s surface and to re...

    Liqiong Chen, Qi Liu, Yunyun Li, Rui Lu, Shijuan Wu, Xin Li and Tao Hou

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1875

    Published on: 26 October 2016

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