Applied Mathematics

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  1. Research

    Twelfth degree spline with application to quadrature

    In this paper existence and uniqueness of twelfth degree spline is proved with application to quadrature. This formula is in the class of splines of degree 12 and continuity order ...

    P. O. Mohammed and F. K. Hamasalh

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2096

    Published on: 16 December 2016

  2. Research

    Proposal for optimal placement platform of bikes using queueing networks

    In recent social experiments, rental motorbikes and rental bicycles have been arranged at nodes, and environments where users can ride these bikes have been improved. When people borrow bikes, they return them...

    Shinya Mizuno, Shogo Iwamoto, Mutsumi Seki and Naokazu Yamaki

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2071

    Published on: 3 December 2016

  3. Research

    Influence of viscous dissipation and Joule heating on MHD bio-convection flow over a porous wedge in the presence of nanoparticles and gyrotactic microorganisms

    The flow over a porous wedge, in the presence of viscous dissipation and Joule heating, has been investigated. The wedge is assumed to be saturated with nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms. For the...

    Umar Khan, Naveed Ahmed and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2043

    Published on: 30 November 2016

  4. Research

    Colombeau products of distributions

    In this paper, some products of distributions are derived. The results are obtained in Colombeau algebra of generalized functions, which is the most relevant algebraic construction for dealing with Schwartz di...

    Marija Miteva, Biljana Jolevska-Tuneska and Tatjana Atanasova-Pacemska

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2042

    Published on: 29 November 2016

  5. Research

    Permutation transformations of tensors with an application

    The permutation transformation of tensors is introduced and its basic properties are discussed. The invariance under permutation transformations is studied for some important structure tensors such as symmetri...

    Yao-Tang Li, Zheng-Bo Li, Qi-Long Liu and Qiong Liu

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:2023

    Published on: 28 November 2016

  6. Research

    Pricing policy for declining demand using item preservation technology

    We have designed an inventory model for seasonal products in which deterioration can be controlled by item preservation technology investment. Demand for the product is considered price sensitive and decreases...

    Uttam Kumar Khedlekar, Diwakar Shukla and Anubhav Namdeo

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1957

    Published on: 11 November 2016

  7. Research

    Soft normed rings

    Molodtsov introduced the concept of soft sets, which can be seen as a new mathematical tool for dealing with uncertainty. In this paper, we initiate the study of soft normed rings by soft set theory. The notio...

    Vakkas Uluçay, Mehmet Şahin and Necati Olgun

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1950

    Published on: 10 November 2016

  8. Research

    Fuzzy rank functions in the set of all binary systems

    In this paper, we introduce fuzzy rank functions for groupoids, and we investigate their roles in the semigroup of binary systems by using the notions of right parallelisms and ...

    Hee Sik Kim, J. Neggers and Keum Sook So

    SpringerPlus 2016 5:1865

    Published on: 24 October 2016

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