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Computer Science

Section Editor: Maria Virvou

Maria Virvou serves as a Professor and Head of the Department of Informatics, University of Piraeus, Greece.

She is a world expert in the area of Computer Education, Human-Computer Interaction and Knowledge-Based Software Engineering. She also served as the Director of the “Software Engineering” research lab. This Software Engineering lab has achieved honorary distinctions and has been one of the main contributors to establishing the University of Piraeus as a top Organization for Computer Education.

Professor Virvou has authored and/or edited  many books in Computer Science and over 300 research papers which have been published in high quality international journals, books and conference proceedings.

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  1. Data mining has emerged to address the problem of transforming data into useful knowledge. Although most data mining techniques, such as the use of association rules, may substantially reduce the search effort...

    Authors: Inhaúma Neves Ferraz and Ana Cristina Bicharra Garcia
    Citation: SpringerPlus 2013 2:452
  2. This paper proposes trial algorithms for some basic components in cryptography and lossless bit compression. The symmetric encryption is accomplished by mixing up randomizations and scrambling with hashing of ...

    Authors: Lipin Bill Cheng and Ren Jye Yeh
    Citation: SpringerPlus 2013 2:316
  3. For recent years, it has grown importance to evaluate medical service qualities of medical staffs and/or hospitals by using quality indicators. This paper introduces a representation system QI-RS of quality in...

    Authors: Osamu Takaki, Izumi Takeuti, Koichi Takahashi, Noriaki Izumi, Koichiro Murata, Mitsuru Ikeda and Koiti Hasida
    Citation: SpringerPlus 2013 2:274
  4. A Neuro-fuzzy control method for an Unmanned Vehicle (UV) simulation is described. The objective is guiding an autonomous vehicle to a desired destination along a desired path in an environment characterized b...

    Authors: Boumediene Selma and Samira Chouraqui
    Citation: SpringerPlus 2013 2:188
  5. Colorization and illumination are key processes for creating animated cartoons. Computer assisted methods have been incorporated in animation/illustration systems to reduce the artists' workload. This paper pr...

    Authors: Renata Nascimento, Fabiane Queiroz, Allan Rocha, Tsang Ing Ren, Vinicius Mello and Adelailson Peixoto
    Citation: SpringerPlus 2012 1:1