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Table 5 Task statement

From: Are the expected benefits of requirements reuse hampered by distance? An experiment

Context Company1 has experience in selling one certain kind of products in its local market and wishes to improve its results by means of expanding its business to new customers. To that end, people in charge of Company1 think that the better way to accomplish this objective is selling their products on the Internet. In addition, as part of their expansive strategy to other markets, the company wishes to encourage and favour sales out of the national market
Goal The final goal of this task is to elicit software requirements related to software i18n, which can serve Company1 in order to develop a website for selling products on the Internet. During the execution of this task, reuse-based RE techniques will be applied, namely parameterised requirements and traceability relationships
Task The task will be performed in teams of two people. The team have to reuse requirements related to a specific topic of software i18n starting from a requirements i18n catalogue, already predefined. This reusable requirements catalogue is based on standards that contain i18n information and guidelines (e.g. ISO/IEC 24751, ISO 9241-151, W3C, and CWA 14928X). Traceability relationships between requirements and parameterised requirements will be used during this process
Provided materials Participants will be provided the following materials
 1. Task statement (this document)
 2. Specific assignment of each team
 3. Generic i18n requirements catalogue in the form of an SRS
 4. Traceability matrix including the relationships between the requirements in the catalogue
 5. Summary of the foundations of the techniques to be applied
 6. Questionnaire
Planning The stipulated period for the execution of this tasks is 2 weeks, starting from the date in which this tasks statement is handed in
Evaluation. In order to proceed to the evaluation of the task, the teams and the team members individually when appropriate have to submit the task results and the questionnaire answers within the stipulated period. All outcome of the experiment must be written in English
Glossary. Terms are listed in alphabetical order
 Elicitation: the task of identifying the various types of requirements from various sources including standards, project documentation, interviews, etc.
 Parameterised requirement: requirement that contains parts which have to be adapted to each system and instantiated when the requirement is reused
 Requirement: a statement that identifies a necessary attribute, capability, characteristic or quality of a system for it to have value and utility for an user
 Requirements catalogue: a set of generic and reusable requirements
 Requirements traceability: documentation of the relationships between requirements to facilitate the overall quality of the product under development, the understanding of the product and its artefacts, and the ability to manage change