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Table 1 GQM template

From: Are the expected benefits of requirements reuse hampered by distance? An experiment

Goal The goal is to empirically analyse the application of catalogue-based requirements reuse techniques to improve requirements specification in GSD environments
Question Is the application of catalogue-based requirements reuse techniques affected by the proximity or distance of team members?
Metric Effectiveness (accuracy of the result), productivity (ratio of outputs to inputs) and perceived difficulty (ease of use), speed (rate at which the techniques are applied), quality (relative standard of the result) and understanding (comprehension of the techniques)
Goal definition template
 Object of study The objects under study are requirements reuse techniques
 Purpose The purpose is to evaluate requirements specification techniques and team configurations, specifically as regards differences between co-located and distributed development
 Quality focus The quality focus is the effectiveness, productivity and subjective perception of requirements reuse techniques
 Perspective The perspective is the researcher’s point of view
 Context The study is run using university students as subjects based on a defined assignment with a reusable i18n requirements catalogue. The study is conducted as a blocked subject-object study