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Table 1 Software aging management information

From: Discussion on software aging management of nuclear power plant safety digital control system

Phase Software aging management related information Collection method
Design Performance requirements (precision, response time, etc.) Review and analysis
Fault-avoidance technology
Self-diagnosis technology
Self-supervision technology
Safety and security technology
System stability and reliability outside factors, e.g. environment
Implementation Design deviation Traceability analysis
Software configuration Feedback and evaluation
Assumptions and boundary  
Data and structure specification  
Input and output specification  
Weak spot of the software development  
Test Large date volume test Software validation and verification
Carrying capacity Testing
Concurrency capacity  
Fatigue strength  
Fault-tolerant ability  
Network quality (clock recovery, network timing and packet loss, etc.)  
Abnormal problems  
Operation Accumulation of round-off errors Feedback and statistics
Aging-related bugs Evaluation
Resource exhaustion, e.g. CPU, disk memory and network, etc  
Unplanned failures  
Maintain Maintain records Power plant feedback
Upgrade records Evaluation