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Table 1 Significant relations between the characteristics of the posts and the number of likes and shares

From: What makes it likeable? A study on the reactions to messages in a digital social network: the case of Facebook in Farsi

Characteristics of the posts Facebook predesigned reactions
Like Share
Form    Pictures (excluding the photos of famous people) 40%
Subject Questions or request for comments −28% Questions or request for comments −61%
Psychological issues −41% Religious (or anti-religious) issues 35%
Family relationships 39% Request for like or share −42%
Relations with the opposite sex 50% Social and cultural issues 22%
Request for like or share −35% Literary materials 52%
Form of expression Satire 55% Jokes −50%
Advertisement −53% Satire 43%
Artistic materials 44% Advertisement −41%
Emotional materials 42% Nostalgic materials −44%
Reasoning and analysis −26% Emotional materials 23%
   Advice 30%
   Reasoning and analysis 30%
   Disappointing materials 31%
Source    Personal opinions 60%
   Quotes from famous people 41%
   Quotes from sources 30%
Praise Admiration of individuals 32% Admiration of the current politicians or political system of Iran −66%
Criticism    Criticism of Iran or Iranians 79%