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Fig. 4

From: Efficient method for transfer of microinjected eggs to mouse ampulla for generating transgenic mice

Fig. 4

Diagram of a new device and approach to transfer microinjected eggs to mouse ampulla for increased production of transgenic mice. A = bursa membrane; B = blood vessel of bursa membrane; C = microinjected egg; D = pipet tip; E = small hole made for inserting pipet tip; F = surgical hole in mouse body for pulling out ovary, oviduct, and uterus; G = uterus; H = ampulla of oviduct; I = oviduct; J = fine forceps; K = rubber tube attached to pipet; L = pipet end for attaching rubber tube of mouthpiece; M = rubber tube attached to mouthpiece; N = mouth piece; O = fat pad; P = top of infundibulum; Q = ovary; R = head of drill to hold fine forceps; S = drill head assembly

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