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Table 1 Data sheet of the PLS-SEM field and fs/QCA fieldwork

From: Training and business performance: the mediating role of absorptive capacities

Target population (universe) Spanish companies with 50 or more workers belonging to any sector except public administration, the agricultural sector, fishing, activities of households and extraterritorial bodiesa
Geographical scope The entire national territory/Spanish national territory
Analysis unit/sampling unit The company
Population censusb 22,013
Sample size/response rate (PLS-SEM) 112 valid surveys/7.18%
Sampling procedure Simple random sampling without replacement
Confidence level 95%; z = 1.96; p = q = 0.50; α = 0.05
Sampling error 9.24%
Key informant CEO, head of training and/or human resources director
Date of fieldwork/data collection Between May and December 2014
Sample size (fs/QCA) Random group of 25 cases from the data set
  1. aThe excluded economic sectors/activities correspond to the national classification of economic activities (CNAE) 2009 and Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE) Rev. 2 sections: (A) agriculture, livestock breeding, forestry and fishing; (O) public administration and defense, compulsory social security; (T) activities of households, such as employers of domestic staff, activities of households, such as producers of goods and services for one’s own use; and (U) activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies
  2. b Source: DIRCE 2014 (Central Companies Directory, Jan 1, 2014)