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Table 6 Comparison of the performance on the basis of absolute values of constitutional equations of problem 3

From: Memetic computing through bio-inspired heuristics integration with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear systems arising in different physical models

Method Absolute values Method Absolute values
\(f_{1} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{2} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{3} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{4} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{5} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{1} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{2} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{3} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{4} ({\mathbf{t}})\) \(f_{5} ({\mathbf{t}})\)
GA-1 1.5E−02 8.7E−03 4.3E−03 4.1E−04 5.2E−04 GA-SQP-1 4.3E−08 9.2E−09 3.2E−08 3.5E−10 2.0E−08
GA-2 1.9E−02 9.9E−03 2.6E−03 2.9E−04 1.5E−03 GA-SQP-2 2.2E−07 1.2E−07 5.6E−08 3.1E−10 2.7E−09
GA-3 3.1E−02 1.7E−02 9.5E−03 1.9E−04 5.3E−04 GA-SQP-3 1.4E−07 8.2E−08 4.5E−08 2.7E−10 9.7E−10
GA-4 2.6E−02 1.6E−02 6.7E−03 1.6E−04 1.9E−04 GA-SQP-4 7.0E−09 1.0E−09 1.2E−08 9.2E−10 2.9E−10
GA-5 1.3E−02 7.2E−03 3.7E−03 2.8E−05 5.9E−05 GA-SQP-5 1.2E−08 2.4E−08 2.6E−08 1.8E−10 2.0E−08
GA-6 1.2E−02 4.5E−03 2.5E−03 5.9E−04 5.3E−03 GA-SQP-6 2.8E−08 1.5E−08 2.7E−08 3.4E−10 1.8E−08
GA-7 3.1E−02 1.6E−02 1.1E−02 5.5E−04 3.0E−03 GA-SQP-7 3.1E−08 1.3E−08 1.3E−08 3.2E−10 3.1E−09
GA-8 2.9E−02 2.1E−02 1.3E−02 1.7E−03 1.4E−03 GA-SQP-8 4.8E−09 2.6E−08 3.8E−09 1.7E−10 8.6E−09
GA-9 1.6E−02 9.4E−03 4.9E−03 1.2E−06 6.0E−04 GA-SQP-9 7.1E−08 1.6E−08 3.5E−08 2.9E−10 1.4E−08
GA-10 1.0E−02 1.5E−02 1.5E−02 4.0E−03 6.9E−03 GA-SQP-10 2.4E−08 2.6E−08 2.0E−08 4.6E−10 2.1E−08
GA-11 3.0E−02 1.7E−02 9.4E−03 1.6E−04 2.0E−03 GA-SQP-11 4.8E−08 4.7E−10 3.0E−08 3.4E−10 1.6E−08
GA -12 2.2E−02 2.4E−02 2.5E−02 3.1E−04 1.6E−02 GA-SQP-12 2.5E−08 3.1E−08 3.3E−08 3.0E−10 2.7E−08