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TableĀ 1 Proposed algorithms for system of nonlinear equations

From: Memetic computing through bio-inspired heuristics integration with sequential quadratic programming for nonlinear systems arising in different physical models

Memetic algorithms Global search operators for gas Local search method
Selection Crossover Mutations
GA-SQP-1 Stochastic uniform Heuristic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-2 Stochastic uniform Heuristic Gaussian SQP
GA-SQP-3 Stochastic uniform Arithmetic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-4 Stochastic uniform Arithmetic Gaussian SQP
GA-SQP-5 Reminder Heuristic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-6 Reminder Heuristic Gaussian SQP
GA-SQP-7 Reminder Arithmetic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-8 Reminder Arithmetic Gaussian SQP
GA-SQP-9 Roulette Heuristic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-10 Roulette Heuristic Gaussian SQP
GA-SQP-11 Roulette Arithmetic Adaptive feasible SQP
GA-SQP-12 Roulette Arithmetic Gaussian SQP