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Table 1 List of ontology studied

From: Ontology construction and application in practice case study of health tourism in Thailand

Ontology name Owner DL Expressivity
travel.owl (Knublauch) HolgerKnublauch SOIN(D)
Etp-tourism (Mili et al. 2011) PetkoValtchev SHOIN(D)
e-tourism.owl (Siorpaes et al. 2004) DERI (STI Innsbruck 2009) ALCHIF(D)
Qall-me (Ou 2008) STREP project (Oct 2006–Sep 2009) by FBK [Trento, Italy] SHOIN(D)
Travel guides (Cunningham et al. 2014) Travel Guides ontology SHIF(D)