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Table 3 Incorporation of various nutritional genes into rice cultivars through genetic engineering approaches

From: Rice grain nutritional traits and their enhancement using relevant genes and QTLs through advanced approaches

S. no Nutrient Gene Increases to fold expression (compare to wild type/non-transformed) References
1 Vit A Nppsy1, EucrtI 1.6-fold Ye et al. (2000)
2 Fe Osnas2 4.2-fold Johnson et al. (2011)
Gm ferritin, Af phytase, and Osnas1 4 to 6.3-fold Wirth et al. (2009)
Activation tagging of Osnas3 2.9-fold Lee et al. (2009)
3 Zn Activation tagging of Osnas2 2.9-fold Lee et al. (2011)
Osnas2 2.2-fold Johnson et al. (2011)
Gm ferritin, Af phytase, and Osnas1 1.6-fold Wirth et al. (2009)
4 Fe Ferritin gene 4.4-fold Fe Vasconcelos et al. (2003)
5 Fe and Zn Nicotianamine synthase (NAS) gene 2.0-fold Fe and 3.0-fold Zn Masuda et al. (2009)
6 Fe and Zn OsNAS1, OsNAS2, and OsNAS3 2.0-fold Fe and Zn Johnson et al. (2011)
7 Fe and Zn Barley genes 1.40-fold Fe and 1.35-fold Zn Masuda et al. (2008)
8 β-carotene content Daffodil phytoene synthase and Erwinia phytoene desaturase 2.3-fold Beyer et al. (2002), Paine et al. (2005)
9 Fe SoyferH1 3.0-fold Fe Goto et al. (1999)
10 Fe and Zn SoyFerH1 3.0-fold Fe and 1.1-fold Zn Qu et al. (2005)
11 Fe PyFerritin, rgMT 2.0-fold Lucca et al. (2002)
12 Fe and Zn OsIRO2 2.8-fold Fe and 1.4-fold Zn Ogo et al. (2011)
13 Fe and Zn OsYSL15 1.1-fold Fe and 1.0-fold Zn Lee et al. (2009)
14 Fe and Zn HvNAS1, HvNAS1, HvNAAT, and IDS3 1.2-fold Fe and 1.4-fold Zn Suzuki et al. (2008)
15 Fe and Zn OsNAS1 1.0-fold Fe and 1.3-fold Zn Zheng et al. (2010)
16 Fe and Zn SoyFerH1 2.5-fold Fe and 1.5-fold Zn Paul et al. (2014)
17 Fe and Zn OsNAS2 3.0-fold Fe and 2.7-fold Zn Lee et al. (2012)
18 Fe and Zn HvNAS1 2.5-fold Fe and 1.5-fold Zn Higuchi et al. (2001)
19 Fe OsYSL2 4.4-fold Fe Ishimaru et al. (2010)
20 Fe and Zn AtNAS1, Pvferritin, and Afphytase 6.3-fold Fe and 1.6-fold Zn Wirth et al. (2009)
21 Fe and Zn SoyFerH2, HvNAS1, and OsYSL2 3.4-fold Fe and 1.3-fold Zn Aung et al. (2013)
22 Fe and Zn SoyFerH2, HvNAS1, HvNAAT-A, -B and IDS3 genome fragments 2.5-fold Fe and 1.4-fold Zn Masuda et al. (2013)
23 Zn, Cu, and Ni OsNAS3 2.1, 1.5, and 1.3-fold Lee et al. (2009)
24 Fe and Zn OsNAS3-D1 1.7-fold Fe in shoots, 1.6-fold in Fe roots and 2.0-fold Zn in shoots, 1.6-fold Zn in roots Lee et al. (2009)
25 Fe Ferritine gene 2.0-fold Fe Khalekuzzaman et al. (2006)
26 Fe and Zn Osfer2 2.09-fold Fe and 1.37-fold zinc Soumitra et al. (2012)