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Fig. 3

From: Molecular cloning, polymorphism, and functional activity of the bovine and water buffalo Mx2 gene promoter region

Fig. 3

A histogram of activity examinations of the putative ISREs detected in the bovine Mx2 gene promoter region (right), with schematic diagram depicting the putative regulatory factors of each used construct correspondingly (left). The luciferae activity test was performed using lysates of interferon treated (black square) or non-treated (white square) MDBK cell transfected with pGL3 constructs including pGL3-(−422), pGL3-(−154), pGL3-(−132) pGL3-(−109), pGL3-(−76), pGL(−154ΔISRE1 + 2), pGL(−154ΔISRE1), pGL(−154ΔISRE2), and pGL3-basic were transfected simultaneously with pRL-TK. Twenty ml of each lysate was used to measure the luciferase activity on an automated LD 400C Lumicescence detector using the specified reagents and the results are expressed as mean values ± standard errors of the mean (SE)

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