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Fig. 3

From: Characterization of saliva microbiota’s functional feature based on metagenomic sequencing

Fig. 3

Links between the residential genomes and the encoded functions in human saliva microbiota. a Dominant genomes and their encoded functions for sample of H105 (additional microbiota were shown in Additional file 5: Figure S3). Dominant genomes encode the most diverse functions. Upper color bar represents fraction of functions encoded by a particular genome among the total number of functions encoded by the microbiota. Lower color bar shows the relative abundance of genomes in a microbiota, i.e. the fractions of reads mapped to a genome among all mapped reads. b Dominant functions and their originating genomes in each of the four saliva microbiota. Across the four saliva microbiota, the dominant functions and their relative representations were conserved; however, the majority of them were not mainly contributed by dominant genomes

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