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Table 2 16S rRNA gene sequences of Cyanobacteria (derived from this study) selected for phylogenetic analysis

From: Genetic divergence among toxic and non-toxic cyanobacteria of the dry zone of Sri Lanka

No. Sample code Isolated reservoir/well Isolate Genebank accession no.
1 GH2 Henanigala Phormidium sp. enrichment culture clone GH2 HM640024
2 GH2 Henanigala Phormidium animale GK12 KF321927
3 GU Ulhitiya Uncultured Oscillatoria sp.GK13 KF321928
4 AJ2 W Jaya ganga Raphidiopsis curvata AJ1 KF321929
5 AN2W2 Nuwara wewa Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii AN3 KF321930
6 T4 Tissa wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AT4 KF321931
7 T3 Tissa wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AT3 KF321932
8 T2 Tissa wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AT2 KF321933
9 GU Ulhitiya Uncultured Synechococcus sp. GK14 KF321934
10 GR Ratkinda Uncultured cyanobacterium GK15 KF321935
11 K/Nik Nika wewa Uncultured Chroococcales cyanobacterium KN1 KF321936
12 Tissa 1 Tissa wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AT5 KF321937
13 Nuwara 1 Nuwara wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AN2 KF321938
14 T2 Tissa wewa Uncultured cyanobacterium AT6 KF321939
15 GMMi2 Minipe ela Uncultured cyanobacterium GK1 KF321940
16 G/63-A Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK2 KF321941
17 G/147-A Well water Uncultured Leptolyngbya sp.GK16 KF321942
18 G/111-A Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK3 KF321943
19 G/100-A Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK4 KF321944
20 G/3-A Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK5 KF321945
21 G/60 Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK6 KF321946
22 G/148-A Well water Uncultured cyanobacterium GK7 KF321947
23 T-3/MLA-B Thuruvila wewa Unicellular cyanobacterium A1 KF 359768
24 Nu-M/MLA-A Nuwara wewa Radiocystis sp.A2 KF 359770
25 N-B/ASM1-A Nachchaduwa Unicellular cyanobacterium A3 KF 359771
26 AT3-MLA Tissa wewa Prochlorales cyanobacterium HM17 KF 321965
27 G/100-C-BG110C Well water Filamentous cyanobacterium HM15 KF 321963
28 I/23-1-BG110 Well water Hapalosiphon welwitschii HM14 KF 321962
29 AT2-MLA Tissa wewa Leptolyngbya sp. HM13 KF 321961
30 G/81-BG110 Well water Nostocales cyanobacterium HM12 KF 321960
31 I/23-1-BG11 Well water Hapalosiphon welwitschii HM11 KF 321959
32 G/79-C-BG11 Well water Phormidium sp. HM10 KF 321958
33 G/146-D-MLA Well water Mastigocladus sp. HM9 KF 321957
34 G/84-D-BG110 Well water Anabaena sphaerica HM8 KF 321956
35 G/66-BG110 Well water Nostoc punctiforme HM7 KF 321955
36 GMY6-BG11 Minipe ela Chroococcales cyanobacterium HM6 KF 321954
37 G-127-MLA Well water Mastigocladus sp. HM5 KF 321953
38 G/100-D-BG110C Well water Unicellular cyanobacterium HM4 KF 321952
39 G/183-44-BG110 Well water Tolypothrix sp. HM3 KF 321951
40 GMR8–BG11 Minipe ela Chroococcidiopsis sp. HMI KF 321949
41 I/23-1-MLA Well water Chroococcus sp. HM2 KF 321950
42 G/100-A-BG110C Well water Filamentous cyanobacterium HM16 KF 321964
43 G/5-A-BG11 Well water Chroococcales cyanobacterium GK8 KF 359772
44 G/3-A-MLA Well water Leptolyngbya sp. GK10 KF 359774
45 G/169-A-BG11 Well water Synechococcus sp. GK9 KF 359773