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Table 1 RQs and main motivations

From: Software project management tools in global software development: a systematic mapping study

Id Research question Main motivation
RQ1 Which publication channels are the main targets for SPM tools for GSD research? To identify where relevant research of the topic can be found and targets for the publication of future studies
RQ2 How has the paper publication frequency on the topic of SPM tools for GSD changed over time? To identify existing publication trends
RQ3 What are the research types of the selected papers? To identify research types in literature related to GSD tools
RQ4 What are the research approaches of the selected papers? To identify research approaches and whether validation of SPM tools for GSD has been published in literature
RQ5 What are the SPM tools used in the GSD context? What are their main features? To support practitioners with information regarding SPM tools intended for GSD
RQ6 Are all SPM activities properly supported by SPM tools for GSD? To identify which SPM activities researchers are more interested in and what activities require more investigation
RQ7 On which of the 3C dimensions (Communication,coordination and cooperation) the SPM tools used in GSD focus? To identify to what extent SPM tools for GSD support group interactions according to 3C model