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TableĀ 1 List of the 23 nucleotide sequences of E gene during the 2014 outbreak in Guangzhou were used for phylogenetic study

From: Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of dengue virus type 1 in Guangdong in 2014

Strains GenBank accession Genotypes
GZ114 KT382303 III
GZ17 KT428611 III
GZ18 KT382305 III
GZ19 KT382302 III
GZ32 KT382300 III
GZ43 KT428605 III
GZ46 KT382299 III
GZ61 KT428606 III
GZ71 KT428612 III
GZ75 KT428607 III
GZ79 KT428615 III
GZ95 KT428614 III
GZ87 KT428613 III
GZ28 KT382301 III
GZ03 KT428610 III
GZ62 KT382296 III
GZ78 KT428608 III
GZ93 KT382295 I
GZ55 KT382297 I
GZ54 KT382298 I
GZ92 KT428609 I
GZ76 KT428609 I
GZ02 KR028435 I