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Table 1 Rates (%) of hematoma/seroma formation, graft dislocation, graft necrosis, and graft take

From: Fixation of split-thickness skin graft using fast-clotting fibrin glue containing undiluted high-concentration thrombin or sutures: a comparison study

Fixation method Hematoma or seroma formation at 5-days postoperative Graft dislocation at 5-days postoperative Graft necrosis at 30-days postoperative (the range) Graft take (100 − necrosis rate) at 30-days postoperative (the range)
Fibrin glue with undiluted high-concentration thrombin (group I) 7.84 1.29 1.86 (1.06–4.5) 98.14 (95.5–98.94)
Silk sutures or staples (group II) 9.55 1.45 4.65 (2.23–6.65) 95.35 (93.35–97.77)
p value <0.05 >0.05 <0.01 <0.05