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Table 7 Top 20 cited articles on poverty-related issues (2005–2015)

From: Bibliometric analysis of medicine-related publications on poverty (2005–2015)

References Title Number of citations References Title Number of citations
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King (2010) Parasites and poverty: the case of schistosomiasis 226 Emerson (2007) Poverty and people with intellectual disabilities 119
Farah et al. (2006) Childhood poverty: Specific associations with neurocognitive development 226 Yoshikawa et al. (2012) The effects of poverty on the mental, emotional, and behavioral health of children and youth 112
van Doorslaer et al. (2006) Effect of payments for health care on poverty estimates in 11 countries in Asia: an analysis of household survey data 220 Galea et al. (2007) Urban neighborhood poverty and the incidence of depression in a population-based cohort study 112
Miech et al. (2006) Trends in the association of poverty with overweight among US adolescents, 1971–2004 168 Tanumihardjo et al. (2007) Poverty, obesity, and malnutrition: an international perspective recognizing the paradox 105
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Smith et al. (2006) The infant development, environment, and lifestyle study: Effects of prenatal methamphetamine exposure, polydrug exposure, and poverty on intrauterine growth 138 Hotez and Wilkins (2009) Toxocariasis: America’s most common neglected infection of poverty and a helminthiasis of global importance? 95
Nandy et al. (2005) Poverty, child undernutrition and morbidity: new evidence from India 126 Choi and Holroyd (2007) The influence of power, poverty and agency in the negotiation of condom use for female sex workers in mainland China 93