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Table 2 Technology and financial services platform evaluation factors

From: Evaluating the enhancement and improvement of China’s technology and financial services platform innovation strategy

Dimensions/criteria Descriptions References
Investment and finance platform (A)
Equity and debt finance (a 1) High-tech enterprises by using equity and debt pledge to finance Berger and Udell (1998), Brown and Petersen (2010), Bystrӧm (2008), Kaivanto and Stoneman (2007), Pretes (2002)
Listed finance (a 2) Guide and help high-tech companies by using multi-channel and higher efficiency for public finance Berger and Udell (1998), Brown and Petersen (2010), Bystrӧm (2008)
High-tech microfinance bank (a 3) Establish a lot of bank that can provide high-tech firms microfinance Buckley (1997)
High-tech corporate finance network (a 4) Set up a finance-related information network platform for high-tech enterprises only, including financing information, financing services, etc Respondents
Government support funds (a 5) A special fund for high-tech company support by government, and the establishment of a sound and efficient system of support fund, such as high quality fund approval system Cumming (2007)
Management, tracking and counseling after investment and finance (a 6) Management, tracking and counseling after investment and finance of the debt by government assisting loans Respondents
Credit rating platform (B)
High-quality credit rating institutions (b 1) Provide high quality (such as fair, independent and accurate) credit rating private agencies Akdemir and Karsli (2012), Bannier and Hirsch (2010); Hartarska and Nadolnyak (2008)
Corporate and individual credit basic databases (b 2) Provide business and personal basic information, and loans and guarantees credit information, as well as the databases of the corporate main financial indicators Agier and Szafarz (2013), Avery et al. (2004), Bartoli et al. (2013), Huda (2012), Oreski et al. (2012), Voordeckers and Steijvers (2006), Zhu and Zhang (2012)
High-tech external rating databases (b 3) Provide high-tech enterprises credit rating databases Chen and Cheng (2013)
Property appraisal organization (b 4) Appraiser agencies that provide an assessment of the value of the assets, including the assessment of intellectual property rights pledge Muller and Riedl (2002)
Credit guarantee platform (C)
High-tech credit guarantee institution (c 1) Widely established the loan guarantee agencies for high-tech enterprises Beck et al. (2005), Crowling (2010), Riding et al. (2001)
High-tech enterprises credit guarantee funds (c 2) Government set up a high-tech credit guarantee funds to help high-tech enterprises credit guarantee Bartoli et al., (2013), Columba et al. (2010)
Local government guarantee firm (c 3) Establish high-tech credit guarantee firms of cooperation between the government and financial institutions Honohan (2010)
Re-guarantee company (c 4) Build re-guarantee companies by government, through re-guarantee company credit enhancement, as well as the diversification of risk of guarantee Respondents
Subsidy system of high-tech guarantee loss compensation (c 5) Guarantee institutions incurred losses for the credit guarantee of high-tech enterprises, to be compensated by the government guarantee program to a proportion of the actual loss compensation Respondents