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Table 4 Fusion genes whose expression levels were also up-regulated in TaxR cell lines

From: Identification of mutations, gene expression changes and fusion transcripts by whole transcriptome RNAseq in docetaxel resistant prostate cancer cells

Gene Full name Fold up-regulation Fusion partner Full names of fusion partners
HIVEP2 Human immunodeficiency virus type I enhancer binding protein 2 1.4 JA040725 JA040725
HMGA1 High mobility group AT-hook 1 1.8 BTNL8 Butyrophilin like 8
PTRF Polymerase I and transcript release factor 1.7 ABCA9 ATP binding cassette subfamily A member 9
RPL31P11 Ribosomal protein L31 pseudogene 11 3.9 LDLR Low density lipoprotein receptor
VCL Vinculin 2.3 ADK Adenosine kinase
VIM Vimentin 4.9 SYCP1 Synaptonemal complex protein 1
  1. Fold up-regulation, log2 fold expression change of genes in column 1 comparing TaxS cell line and TaxR cell lines