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Table 1 Sample details of T. maxima. For each sampling location, geographical coordinates, number (n) of individuals, shell length (L) and collection time are shown

From: Genetic diversity and population differentiation of small giant clam Tridacna maxima in Comoros islands assessed by microsatellite markers

Sample locality (abbreviation used)

Geographical coordinates


L (cm)

Collection time

Grande-Comore (Gc)

From 11°23′S and 43°17′E to 11°29′S and 43°24′E


16.85 ± 4.34

June 2015

Moheli (Mo)

From 12°22′S and 43°44′E to 12°22′S and 43°52′E


17.08 ± 3.68

June 2015

Anjouan (An)

12°05′S and 44°25′E


18.80 ± 5.50

June 2015