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Table 3 Proportion of soil organic C and total N as biomass C (Cmic:Corg) and biomass N (Nmic:Ntot) and the metabolic quotient (qCO2) as affected by the treatments

From: Microbial activities in soil cultivated with corn and amended with sewage sludge

Treatments Cmic:Corg (%) Nmic:Ntot (%) qCO2 (μg CO2 mg Cmic g−1 soil h−1)
MF 0.80 b 1.16 ab 1.35 b
1SF 1.16 a 1.11 ab 1.17 b
2SF 1.04 ab 1.47 a 1.25 b
4SF 1.03 ab 1.33 ab 1.36 ab
8SF 0.99 ab 0.97 b 1.70 a
  1. Means followed by the same letter(s) within the same column are statistically the same at p ≤ 0.05 (LSD-test)
  2. MF, mineral fertilization recommended for the crop; 1FS, sewage sludge based on the nitrogen concentration that provides the same amount of N as in the mineral fertilization; 2FS, two; 4FS, four; 8FS, eight times the N recommended sewage sludge dosage