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Table 1 Reported cases of ovarian teratoma complicated with fistula formation

From: Ovarian mature cystic teratoma with fistula formation into the rectum: a case report

Author (date of publication) Age Symptoms Involved organ Surgical method Cause of fistula formation
Robinson (1938) 64 Cystitis, dysuria Bladder USO, PC Inflammation
Mitui et al. (1983) 72 Diarrhea containing hair Sigmoid colon, small intestine RS, colostomy, PRSI Malignant transformation
Shiels et al. (1986) 21 Nausea, dyspareunia Sigmoid colon USO, fistulectomy, repair of the bowel defect Inflammation
Ulstein et al. (1987) 30 Bladder stone Bladder USO, PC Inflammation
Landmann et al. (1988) 22 Rectal bleeding Rectum USO, LAR Inflammation
Suzuki et al. (1999) 64 Microscopic hematuria Bladder, small intestine TH, BSO, appendectomy, PRSI, PC Inflammation
Tabata et al. (2004) 20 Pyuria Bladder USO, PC Inflammation
Okada et al. (2005) 54 Abdominal pain, watery diarrhea Small intestine TH, BSO, PRSI, POM Malignant transformation
Cebesoy et al. (2009) 30 Abdominal pain, purulent diarrhea Rectum USO, LAR Inflammation
Tandon et al. (2010) 30 Pyuria, dysuria Bladder USO, PC Inflammation
Rajaganeshan et al. (2011) 44 Weight loss, loose stools, rectal bleeding Rectum USO, repair of the bowel defect Inflammation
Salame et al. (2011) 38 None Sigmoid colon RS Inflammation
von-Walter et al. (2012) 25 Small bowel obstruction Small intestine, transverse colon USO, PRSI, repair of the bowel defect Inflammation
Song et al. (2012) 73 Abdominal pain, constipation Small intestine USO, PRSI Malignant transformation
Conway et al. (2012) 26 Abdominal pain, nausea Transverse colon Repair of the bowel defect Inflammation
Gooneratne et al. (2015) 63 Abdominal distention, bloody diarrhea Sigmoid colon Exploratory laparotomy Malignant transformation
Our case 43 Diarrhea Rectum USO, HAR Inflammation
  1. USO unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, BSO bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, TH total hysterectomy, PC partial cystectomy, RS recto-sigmoidectomy, PRSI partial resection of small intestine, LAR lower anterior resection, HAR high anterior resection, POM partial omentectomy