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TableĀ 3 Participantsā€™ questions for medical doctors

From: Living with idiopathic basal ganglia calcification 3: a qualitative study describing the lives and illness of people diagnosed with a rare neurological disease

What is the incidence rate of the disease?
Has the disease existed for a long time or is it a modern disease?
What is the most common symptom?
Is the occipital headache derived from the disease?
Do some people with calcification in the brain live without symptoms?
Is the intracranial pressure increased with the enlargement of calcification?
Is the brain damaged with strong movement because the brain is soft and calcification is hard?
Can thrombosis occur because calcification is seen in the blood vessels?
What is the proper time interval for the medical consultation?
How much does it cost for the full medical examination?
How is research for treatment progressing?