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Table 2 Comments and proposed resolutions

From: Pilot-testing an adverse drug event reporting form prior to its implementation in an electronic health record

Data field Comments Proposed solution
A. Select suspect drug(s) None NA
B. Suspect drug(s) “Date of last dispense” is irrelevant
Difficult to capture order of prescribing
Difficult to enter complex dosage regimes
Remove the “date of last dispense” field
Increase the amount of free-text entry
Remove one data entry box for drugs (to autopopulate in electronic form)
C. What type of ADE do you suspect? Checkboxes preferred over drop-down menus
Provide the option to describe “other”
Use check boxes instead of drop-down menus
Modify the free-text option
D. Are there symptoms, or laboratory tests that you suspect are an ADE manifestation? Provide space to list vital signs Add option to add vitals in the “laboratory data” section
E. Treatment recommended or administered Need to be able to input start and stop time of the changes Add a “start” and “stop” date data input
F. Add new medications Name of field is confusing
Unsure about which medications to list
Change the name of the box to clarify the instructions
G. Causality and outcome Pharmacists often don’t know the patient’s outcome
Pharmacists would like to pass the form to another care provider for completion (e.g., GP)
Provide option for other care provider(s) to complete symptom resolution and outcome reporting.
Requires linkage to MD electronic data entry
H. Report submission Improve clarity of instructions for inpatient reporting
Pharmacists are hesitant to report without a definite diagnosis, especially if their identification is attached to the report
Simplify reporting options
Add option to remove or modify existing report(s)
Educate pharmacists that the form is primarily to improve documentation and communication between care providers, rather than to report
Change name of form to “documentation and communication” to clarify intent
I. Follow-up items Field is unnecessary Remove free-text boxes
  1. NA not applicable, MD physician