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Table 7 Total item numbers and samples from “Scale on Self-Regulation in Learning-SSRL”

From: Development and validation of a scale on self-regulation in learning (SSRL)

Dimensions Number of items Sample items
Before study
Environmental structuring 4 I usually study where I can focus
Planning 5 I write my weekly to-do-list in my notebook
Arrangement of study time 4 I do my homework when I know our teacher will control them
During study
Organization and transforming 5 I find the key points in the text and draw connections between them.
Seeking appropriate information 3 I read the sources I find after class
Seeking peer, teacher or adult assistance 3 When I don’t understand, I seek the assistance of a peer or an adult.
Seeking easily accessible information 2 I try to find the easiest way of doing my homework
Self-monitoring 2 While reading a book or reviewing my notes, I sometimes stop and ask myself, “Do I understand the point here?”
Rehearsing and memorizing 4 I teach the topic I study to another person
After study
Self-evaluation 6 Generally I don’t revise a homework I have finished
Self-consequences after success 4 I promise to award myself after I get a good grade from an exam or homework
Self-consequences after failure 3 Failures make me sad, but I don’t do anything to change them
Task value 5 I believe we’ll use the things we learn in class in the future
Self-efficacy 5 I think I’ll succeed in the courses
Anxiety 5 I get so excited in exams that I forget everything
Attributions for failure 4 Extreme load of homework and exams makes me fail
Goal orientations 3 The most satisfactory thing for now is getting a high grade