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Table 3 Target Cancer Risk (TR) of heavy metals from consumption of five fish species collected from Buriganga River, Bangladesh

From: Human health risks from heavy metals in fish of Buriganga river, Bangladesh

Heavy metals Puntius ticto Puntius sophore Puntius chola Labeo rohita Glossogobius giuris
Ni 4.13E−04 3.03E−04 2.50E−04 1.66E−03 1.83E−04
As 7.1E−05 4.2E−05 3.8E−05 1.61E−04 4.4E−05
Cd 1.9E−05 1.9E−05 9.3E−06 3.7E−05 9.3E−06
Pb 3.8E−06 4E−06 2.9E−06 8.7E−06 2.2E−06