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Table 2 Measures of the constructs

From: Tourism guide cloud service quality: What actually delights customers?

Variables/ Items
Information quality (IQ) IQ1: timeliness
  IQ2: detailed
  IQ3: easy to understand
  IQ4: accuracy
  IQ5: completeness
  IQ6: professional
Function quality (FQ) FQ1: wireless online
  FQ2: GPS
  FQ3: traffic information
  FQ4: instant update
  FQ5: navigation
  FQ6: itinerary planning
Real feedback (RF) RF1: get others to share
  RF2: Share feelings
  RF3: quick response negative comments
Multiple visual aids (MV) MV1: link with social networking
  MV2: link with video and audio
Enjoyment (E) E1: pleasant
  E2: content intriguing
  E3: interesting content
Overall satisfaction (OS) OS1: overall satisfaction
Loyalty (L) L1: continued use
  L2: recommended use