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Table 2 Parameters in the model

From: Absorptive capacity, technological innovation, and product life cycle: a system dynamics model

Variables Unit (value/value range)
L1: External knowledge source K
Initial value of L1 K (0)
R11: Inflow rate of establishing external knowledge K/month
a111: Technology gap K
a112: Knowledge gap K
a113: Average external knowledge level K
a114: Influential factor of knowledge gap 1 (0–3)
a115: Organizational difference 1 (1–5)
a116: Physical distance 1 (1–5)
a117: Trust level 1 (1–5)
a118: Time spent in founding an external knowledge network Month (3–36)
R12: Outflow rate of knowledge absorption K/month
L2: Knowledge storage K
Initial value of knowledge storage K (100)
R21: Inflow rate of knowledge absorption K/month
a211: R&D investment K/month
a212: Knowledge diversity 1 (1–5)
a213: Experience 1 (1–5)
a214: Activation trigger 1 (1–5)
R22: Inflow rate of knowledge creation K/month
R23: Outflow rate of outdated knowledge K/month
a231: Knowledge existing period Month
a232: Average knowledge existing period Month
a233: Influential factor of market demand to knowledge existing period 1 (0–3)
a234: Market demand of different stage of product life cycle K
L3: Technology innovation achievements K
Initial value of technology innovation achievements K (100)
R31: Inflow rate of technology innovation K/month
a311: Social integration mechanisms 1 (1–5)
a312: Incentive systems 1 (1–5)
a313: Power relationship 1 (1–5)
R32: Outflow rate of outdated technology K/month
a321: Technology existing time Month
a322: Base R&D investment K
a323: R&D period Month (6–60)
Potential absorptive capacity (PACAP) K/month
Realized absorptive capacity (RACAP) K/month