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Table 3 Relationship between the LLS score and the ADACL subscales, FS and FAS

From: Subjective assessment of acute mountain sickness: investigating the relationship between the Lake Louise Self-Report, a visual analogue scale and psychological well-being scales

LLS score −.536** .190 −.347 .202
  1. Data are shown as spearman correlation coefficients at one time point at 3650 m. N = 32 for FS and FAS, n = 30 for ADACL EA and TA
  2. LLS Lake Louise Self-Report, ADACL [EA] Activation Deactivation Check List Energetic Activation, ADACL [TA] Activation Deactivation Check List Tense Arousal; FS, Feelings Scale, FAS Felt Arousal Scale
  3. Significance level: * p < .05; ** p < .01