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Table 1 Currently available HBV websites and databases

From: Bioinformatic curation and alignment of genotyped hepatitis B virus (HBV) sequence data from the GenBank public database

Name url Usage References
Geno2Pheno[hbv] Drug resistance mutations, escape mutant analsysis Beerenwinkel et al. (2003)
HBV Blast Search Genotyping, drug resistance database Oliveira et al. (2005)
HBV STAR Genotyping Myers et al. (2006)
HBVRegDB Annotation, alignments, information about conserved regions Panjaworayan et al. (2007)
HBVdb Genotyping, annotation, drug resistance database Hayer et al. (2013)
Hepatitis Virus Database Genotyping, sequence alignment and map viewing  
Hepatitis Virus Database   
NCBI Genotyping Tool Genotyping Rozanov et al. (2004)
Oxford HBV Subtyping Tool Genotyping Oliveira et al. (2005)
RegaDB   Libin et al. (2007)
SeqHepB Sequence analysis, genotyping, detection of clinically important mutations Yuen et al. (2007)