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Table 1 Abbreviation table

From: Mining precise cause and effect rules in large time series data of socio-economic indicators

Abbreviation Description
TOR Temporal odds ratio
BRS Binary rule set
SRS Specific rule set
TRS Transitive rule set
MOS Many to one rule set
CRS Cyclic rule set
AG Agriculture land
AR Arable land
ARME Agricultural raw materials exports
CAB Current account balance
CY Cereal yield
CO2 CO2 emissions
CP Crop production
CPI Crop production index
EDOE Electronic data processing and office equipment
FDI Foreign direct investment
FMP Fuels and mining products
FR Forest rents
GDP Gross domestic product
GGR General government revenue
GNS Gross national savings
I1 to I10 No of indicators (10)
ICEC Integrated circuits and electronic components
IS Iron and steel
OM Other manufactures
OTE Office and telecom equipment
TI Total investment
VEG Volume of exports of goods
VEGS Volume of exports of goods and services
VIG Volume of imports of goods