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Table 3 A summary of topic model types in the relevant studies (see “Topic models applied to bioinformatics” section)

From: An overview of topic modeling and its current applications in bioinformatics

References Types of topic model
Castellani et al. (2010), Bicego et al. (2010a, b, 2012), Masseroli et al. (2012), Pinoli et al. (2013) PLSA
Caldas et al. (2009), Chen et al. (2010, 2012a, b), Coelho et al. (2010), Pan et al. (2010), Bicego et al. (2010b), Konietzny et al. (2011), Zhang et al. (2012a), Bisgin et al. (2013), Lee et al. (2014), Pinoli et al. (2014), Pratanwanich and Lio (2014), Randhave and Sonkamble (2014), Youngs et al. (2014), La Rosa et al. (2015), Zhang et al. (2015) LDA
Rogers et al. (2005), Masada et al. (2009) LPD
Liu et al. (2011) Corr-LDA
Sinkkonen et al. (2008) topic model for relational data
Perina et al. (2010) BaLDA
Dawson and Kendziorski (2012) survLDA
Fang et al. (2015) Semi-parametric transelliptical topic model
Chen et al. (2011) LDA-B