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Table 3 Teacher’s perception on the impact of Lesson Study

From: Enhancing mathematics teachers’ quality through Lesson Study

Statements Percentage
1. Planning together broadened my knowledge of the mathematics content/subject matter      100
2. Planning and preparing to teach the topic we have chosen caused me to engage in mathematical reasoning and problem solving     80 20
3. Planning together helped me to be aware of the new mathematics curriculum and have a deeper understanding of the K to 12 Mathematics Curriculum     80 20
4. Planning together helped me understand more on students’ way of thinking and learning mathematics concept      100
5. Planning in a group broadened my knowledge of mathematics teaching ideas and pedagogy      100
6. The collaborative lesson planning is beneficial for me in order for me to be a better mathematics teacher      100
7. Observing and analyzing others’ lesson helped me think more deeply about mine      100
8. Teaching and observing the research lessons made me more critical in choosing the right teaching activities that help students to understand and think mathematically      100
9. The reflective comments made me more aware of my general weaknesses and strengths of my own mathematics teaching     20 80
10. The comments and feedback can help me to be a better mathematics teacher      100
11. My teaching has improved after taking part in the Lesson Study     60 40
12. I have become more conscious and sensitive to students’ learning needs and difficulties and have a deeper understanding of how students learn     80 20
13. The Lesson Study contributes to teachers’ professional development      100
14. The Lesson Study has improved my understanding of students’ learning     80 20
15. I learnt a better way to teach the topic     40 60
16. I learnt that it is important to provide activities that encourage students to think critically and creatively     20 80
17. I learnt that Lesson Study can be implemented and are sustained in my school     60 40
18. The experiences and knowledge I gained during the Lesson Study is very valuable and important in order to make me a better mathematics teacher      100
19. I am willing to take part in the Lesson Study      100
Mean percentage     24.21 75.79
  1. SD strongly disagree, D disagree, U undecided, A agree, SA strongly agree