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Table 1 Details of the mangrove species used in the present study with family, status, life form, voucher number and GenBank accession numbers obtained after sequence submission

From: Assessment of mangroves from Goa, west coast India using DNA barcode

S. No. Specimen Family Status Life form Herbarium Voucher No. Accession No. rbcL Accession No. matK
1 Avicennia officinalis Acanthaceae TM Tree AAS-100-02 KP697351, KP697352, KU748517 KP725238, KP725239
2 Avicennia marina Acanthaceae TM Tree AAS-110-12 KP697349, KP697350, KM255068 KP725236, KM255083, KP725237
3 Avicennia alba Acanthaceae TM Tree AAS-120-22 KM255067, KM255069, KP697348 KM255082, KM255084, KP725235
4 Bruguiera cylindrica Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-130-32 KP697354, KM255070, KP697353 KP725241, KM255085, KP725240
5 Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-140-42 KM255071,KP697355,KP697356 KM255086,KP725242,KP725243
6 Rhizophora mucronata Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-150-52 KM255077, KU748519 KM255092, KU748522, KU748523
7 Rhizophora apiculata Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-160-62 KP697362, KP697363, KM255076 KP725249, KP725250, KM255091
8 Aegiceras corniculatum Primulaceae MMT Tree/Shrub AAS-170-72 KM255066, KP697344, KP697345, KM255075, KP697346, KP697347 KM255081, KP725231, KP725232, KM255090, KP725233, KP725234
9 Excoecaria agallocha Euphorbiaceae TM Tree AAS-180-82 KM255073, KP697360, KP697359 KM255088, KP725247, KP725246
10 Kandelia candel Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-190-92 KP697361, KM255074, KU748518 KP725248, KM255089, KU748521
11 Ceriops tagal Rhizophoraceae TM Tree AAS-200-02 KM255072, KP697358, KP697357 KM255087, KP725244, KP725245
12 Sonneratia alba Lythraceae TM Tree AAS-210-12 KM255078, KP697364, KU748520 KM255093, KP725251
13 Sonneratia caseolaris Lythraceae TM Tree AAS-220-22 KP697365, KP697366, KM255079 KP725252, KP725253, KM255094
14 Acanthus ilicifolius Acanthaceae TM Shrub AAS-230-32 KM255065, KP697342, KP697343 KM255080, KP725229, KP725230
  1. TM True Mangroves, MM Minor Mangroves, T Tomlinson (1986)