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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Laparoendoscopic single-site varicocelectomy compared with conventional laparoscopic surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

References Design Number of patients Level of evidence Multichannel port for LESS Quality score (failing items) NOS score (max: 9)
Bansal et al. (2014) Retrospective case control study 11 32 3b TriPort 5
Friedersdorff et al. (2013) Retrospective case control study 20 79 3b X-cone 6
Lee et al. (2012) RCT 39 43 2b Home-made 6 (BC)
Marte et al. (2014) Retrospective case control study 44 25 4 SILS 5
Wang et al. (2014) RCT 44 43 2b Home-made 6 (BC)
Youssef and Abdalla (2015) RCT 41 39 2b SILS 6 (BC)
  1. Quality items of RCTs according to Cochrane risk-of-bias tool (score range 0–8): A—adequate method of sequence generation, B—blinding of participants performed, C—blinding of personnel performed, D—blinding of assessors performed, E—allocation concealment adequate, F—adequate assessment of each outcome, G—selective outcome reporting avoided, H—intention-to-treat analysis of results