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Table 1 Operational definition, measured variables, and sources of the measured dimensions

From: The study of knowledge management capability and organizational effectiveness in Taiwanese public utility: the mediator role of organizational commitment

Dimensions Operational definition Variables Source Measure scale
Knowledge infrastructure capability (KIC) Organizational capabilities to support knowledge activities in organizations, including structure, information technology and culture Structure
Information Technology
De Long and Fahey (2000)
Hanley and Dawson (2000)
Alavi and Leidner (2001)
5-point Likert scale measure questionnaire
Knowledge process capability (KPC) Organizational capabilities to manipulate knowledge that are stored in the form of standard operating procedures and routines throughout the organization, including acquisition, transformation and application Acquisition
Gold et al. (2001)
Lee and Choi (2003)
Chuang (2004)
Organizational commitment The relative strength of the identification of the individual and his involvement with his particular organization, including affective, normative and continuous Affective
Meyer et al. (2002)
Autry and Daugherty (2003)
Hakanen et al. (2006)
Organizational effectiveness The level at which a firm achieves its strategic goals, including rational goals, open system, human relationships and internal process Rational goal
Open system
Human relationship
Internal process
Cameron and Quinn (2006)
Ubius and Alas (2009)
Ralston and Terpstra-Tong (2006)