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Table 1 Essentials details of the plants tested for anti-mutagenic potential

From: The myth of oral hygiene using synthetic mouthwash products

Spice Local name Botanical name Family Plant part used for essential oil extraction Identification number
Genus Species
Black pepper Kali Mirch Piper nigrum Piperaceae Fruit GCU-Herb-Bot-999
Cinnamon Dar Chini Cinnamomum zeylanicum Lauraceae Bark GCU-Herb-Bot-865
Black sesame Kalonji Nigella sativa Ranunculaceae Seeds GCU-Herb-Bot-1001
Clove Long Syzygium aromaticum Myrtaceae Buds GCU-Herb-Bot-985
Carom seeds Ajwain Ptychotis ajowan Umbelliferae Seeds GCU-Herb-Bot-1003
Cumin Zeera Cuminum cyminum Apiaceae Seeds GCU-Herb-Bot-989