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Fig. 2

From: The diversity of mtDNA rns introns among strains of Ophiostoma piliferum, Ophiostoma pluriannulatum and related species

Fig. 2

ITS based phylogeny for Ophiostoma species examined in this study and the schematic representation of the intron/exon combinations noted in the corresponding mtDNA rns genes. The phylogenetic tree is based on an ITS region alignment comprising 23 strains that belong to the genus Ophistoma. The black boxes represent exons and the black lines represent the introns. The blue boxes are for GII introns and the red boxes are for G1 introns (see Fig. 1). Tree topology is based on Mr. Bayes (MB) analysis and percentages at the nodes are node support values based in posterior probabilities (F81 model; 5,000,000 generations and burn-in of 40 %). Names of organisms and GenBank accession numbers are provided. The branch lengths are based on MB analysis and are proportional to the mean number of substitutions per site (see scale bar)

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