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Table 3 One-sided T test results from intra-group comparisons (by number of times injected)

From: CRISPR-Cas9 directed knock-out of a constitutively expressed gene using lance array nanoinjection

Single (x1) injected comparisons P value Multiple (x3) injected comparisons P value
1.5 mA, x1 versus 4.5 mA, x1 0.0684 1.5 mA, x3 versus 4.5 mA, x3 0.0985
1.5 mA, x1 versus 6.0 mA, x1 0.0093 1.5 mA, x3 versus 6.0 mA, x3 0.3454
4.5 mA, x1 versus 6.0 mA, x1 0.4621 4.5 mA, x3 versus 6.0 mA, x3 0.8895
  1. Represented data was initially screened in JMP using ANOVA test to determine presence of statistically significance relationships followed by one-sided t test (α = 0.05) evaluation of specific comparisons. Default minimum p value reported is 0.0001
  2. Only one statistically significant relationship was identified between the 1.5 mA, x1 and 6.0 mA, x1