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Table 2 One-sided T test results from comparisons of multiple (x3) versus single (x1) injected samples

From: CRISPR-Cas9 directed knock-out of a constitutively expressed gene using lance array nanoinjection

Multiple injections (1) versus single injections (2) P value Difference in mean GFP KO (1–2) (%)
1.5 mA, x3 versus 1.5 mA, x1 <0.0001 59.87
4.5 mA, x3 versus 4.5 mA, x1 <0.0001 57.93
6.0 mA, x3 versus 6.0 mA, x1 <0.0001 47.36
  1. Represented data was initially screened in JMP using ANOVA test to determine presence of statistically significance relationships followed by one-sided t test (α = 0.05) evaluation of specific comparisons. Default minimum p value reported is 0.0001. All represented relationships are statistically different