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Fig. 1

From: In vivo study of hepatic oxidative stress and mitochondrial function in rabbits with severe hypotension after propofol prolonged infusion

Fig. 1

Microscopic images (H&E) of liver from animals of each study group (propofol Lipuro, SMOFlipid and saline) at the end of the 20 h of treatment. Liver changes in animals from the saline and propofol groups were similar and characterized by occasional hepatic cellular tumefaction or mild microvacuolar/hydropic degeneration. In the SMOFlipid group, hepatic lesions of massive hydropic degeneration, consistent with generalized steatosis. The majority of animals tested had no microscopic cardiac lesions, however myocardial vacuolar degeneration, focal necrosis and myocarditis were observed in the propofol group (scale bar 50 µm)

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