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Fig. 5

From: Feasibility of non-contrast-enhanced four dimensional (4D) MRA in head and neck tumors, comparison with contrast-enhanced 4D MRA

Fig. 5

Hemodynamic assessment of signal intensity with ROIs placed in the tumor (solid line in ad) and the carotid artery (broken line in a, b) in patients with paraganglioma (43-year-old woman, a, c) and in patients with SCC of the base of tongue (64-year-old man, b, d). The upper row (a, b) shows the signal-intensity-over time curves from CE 4DMRA and those in the bottom row (c, d) are from non-CE 4DMRA. a.u. Arbitary unit, ROI region of interest, CE 4DMRA contrast enhanced four-dimensional magnetic resonance angiography, non-CE 4DMRA non-contrast enhanced 4DMRA

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